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Automated Window Shades

Modernize Your Windows With Automated Shades and Blinds

With motorized shades, you can control sunlight with the click of a button. Imagine transforming your living space from bright and sunny to softly lit or pitch black for movie night in an instant. That’s where automated shades and blinds come in. (By the way, they’re virtually soundless!)

There’s no more wrestling with stubborn cords or stepping over furniture just to adjust the light. Our smart window treatments let you take charge of natural light effortlessly while adding a modern touch to your décor. With easy wireless operation and options that are as diverse as our materials, they’re not only practical but also stylish. Contact us today to start a conversation about motorized shades in Vancouver.

  • Adjust the light in hard-to-reach windows. (No ladders are required.)
  • Keep your kids and pets out of harm’s way. (Motorized shades are cordless!)
  • Open or shut your blinds from anywhere. (You don’t even have to get out of bed.)

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Types of Automated Shades | Vancouver, WA

Motorized shades offer a modern solution to window treatments, bringing convenience and style into every room. They are available in various styles to suit your needs.

Roller Shades

Roller shades represent a sleek and versatile type of motorized window treatments. These shades can be effortlessly raised or lowered with the touch of a button or a voice command, offering you precise control over your privacy and the level of natural light entering your space. Their clean, minimalist design complements contemporary and minimalist interior styles, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Horizontal Blinds

Motorized horizontal blinds provide an elegant and timeless window covering solution. With motorization, you can tilt the slats to adjust the incoming light, offering you flexibility in controlling privacy and ambiance. Horizontal blinds are an excellent choice for those seeking a classic look that integrates with various interior design styles, from traditional to modern.


Motorized drapery brings a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room. These flowing fabric window treatments can be gracefully opened or closed with automation, creating dramatic effects and enhancing the overall ambiance of your space. Whether you prefer sheer, lightweight fabrics for a soft, airy feel or heavy, opulent drapes for a bolder statement, motorized drapery provides both elegance and functionality, transforming your windows into a focal point of your room.

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What to Expect

If you need window coverings, we will measure the window dimensions for a custom fit. We can do a variety of shades and blinds, including roller shades, horizontal blinds, drapery, and more. We can also do automated shades for all of the above.

If it’s new construction, and we’re working with a builder, we can design shade pockets into the ceiling or window frame, making it look like nothing’s there. We can also do custom programming with the shades and blinds so that if your security system sounds off at night, we can set the lights to turn on automatically and the shades open in the living room, as well as a variety of other features. Before we install anything, we’ll have an in-person consultation, where we’ll go over needs in detail concerning motorized shades in Vancouver.

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How much do motorized shades cost?

The price of motorized shades varies based on the brand, size, and features you choose.

What is the lead time?

The typical lead time for automated shades is four to six weeks, as everything is made to order.

Are motorized shades worth it?

Absolutely, motorized shades are worth the investment for many reasons. First, they offer unparalleled convenience. With the touch of a button or a voice command, you can adjust the position of your shades, making it quick and easy to manage light and privacy throughout the day. This convenience also applies to hard-to-reach windows, which can be challenging to operate manually, and with motorized blinds, you can easily control them without the need for a step stool or ladder.

In addition, motorized blinds enhance the safety in your home, particularly if you have children and/or pets. Their cordless operation eliminates the hazards associated with traditional cords, reducing the risk of accidents. This peace of mind, knowing that your window treatments are safe for your loved ones, adds an invaluable layer of security to your living space.

Do you offer Lutron automated shades?

Yes, we do! We are a Lutron automated shade dealer offering a wide variety of colors and fabrics. We can help you get a completely customized look for window coverings.

Why are motorized shades so convenient?

The first thing that makes motorized shades so convenient is their wireless operation. These shades are battery-operated or hardwired, and don’t require any complicated electrical work for installation. You simply hang them up like regular blinds, and they’re ready to use. It’s just one more reason why these smart home features are becoming increasingly popular.

Not to mention, motorized shades offer advanced control options designed to fit your lifestyle. It’s possible to program your blinds based on light conditions or set schedules, and you can do so from one easy-to-use app. For instance, you can have your bedroom blackout during daytime naps or open living room curtains when natural sunlight is at its peak.

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