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Ever walked into a room, and the lights just magically came on? Or perhaps you’ve imagined coming home to a perfectly heated living room in the heart of winter. Welcome to the world of smart homes, where comfort meets convenience – right at your fingertips.

Here at Wolf AV, we are proud to be a go-to company for smart home installation in Vancouver. If you’re looking to make your home smarter, our professional installation services can help. We specialize in integrating various smart devices into a seamless network for easy control. It’s time to run your house on your schedule and control it from your phone. Reach out today to schedule a consultation!

  • Run your house on your schedule.
  • Control your indoor technology from your phone.
  • Control your outdoor technology from your phone, too! We offer color-changing landscape lights, landscape audio systems, and outdoor TVs.
  • Enjoy the convenience of one easy-to-use app.

Automating Your Home

Smart Home Installation Services | Vancouver, WA

We offer a variety of automation services for homeowners. These include but are not limited to:

Home Theaters

Turn your living space into a cinema with our state-of-the-art home theater systems. Our installers can help you get a breathtaking audio and visual experience right from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to ask about our invisible speakers.

Automated Shades

Elevate your lifestyle with automated shades that seamlessly adapt to your preferences and the changing daylight. With this service, you can control the ambiance of any room while enhancing energy efficiency and privacy, all at the touch of a button or with convenient voice commands.

Lighting Controls

Brighten up the room on your schedule with our intuitive lighting control solutions. You can create the perfect mood, conserve energy, and enhance security by managing your lighting fixtures remotely, allowing you to customize the atmosphere of your space to your liking.

Wi-Fi & Networking

Experience superior connectivity with our cutting-edge Wi-Fi and networking solutions. Whether at home or in the office, enjoy fast and reliable internet access, seamless streaming, and a robust network infrastructure that supports all your connected devices.

Alarm Services

Safeguard your peace of mind with our comprehensive alarm services. Protect your home with advanced security systems, including intrusion detection, fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that you and your property are always in safe hands.

Low-Voltage Wiring

Ensure the seamless integration of technology in your home with our low-voltage wiring expertise. Our skilled professionals will expertly design and install structured cabling systems, audiovisual connections, and more, ensuring a streamlined and organized technological environment.

And More!

Smart Home Network Installation

After-Hours Home Automation Service


Ask us about Overwatch, a monthly subscription service where we monitor your control system and network. Not only does it come with free firmware updates and service call discounts, but it also allows you to get the best help you need fast – even on weekends and holidays.

Overwatch Service

The Ultimate Automation and Networking


Technology can be intimidating – especially when you start talking about home automation. However, Control4 makes technology easy. Wolf AV is proud to be an authorized dealer for Control4, a leading home automation system. Smart home technology is one thing. Let Control4 bring it all together.

  • Program the TV, sound system, and gaming box for your home theater.
  • Get a single remote control for all rooms.
  • Adjust your lights from your smartphone.
  • Put your lights and automated shades on a schedule.
  • Customize your thermostat.
  • Control any technology with the touch of a button.
Control4 Smart Home
Wolf AV Smart Home Installation

Hiring Professional Smart Home Installers

What to Expect

Hiring professionals takes away all the hassle when it comes to a smart home installation in Vancouver. We handle every step of your smart home installation, ensuring that your smart speakers are talking correctly, with light bulbs or garage door openers working smoothly with motion sensors. We’ll also help manage complexities around larger appliances. The first step? We always start with a consultation. That way, we can discuss your needs and see what smart home services are best for you.

Wolf AV Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Automation & Installation | Vancouver, WA


How do I convert my normal home to a smart home?

To turn your regular house into a smart one, you’ll need to install connected devices like lights, locks, and thermostats. Then, you’ll link them all with a central hub or app. Wolf AV can help with all of that! When it comes to a smart home installation in Vancouver, we are the experts to call.

How much does it cost to install a smart home?

The cost varies based on your needs. First, we’ll schedule an on-site consultation to learn more about what you want to do. Then, we’ll provide a quote.

What is needed in a smart home to connect?

You need a robust network throughout the entire house for the smooth operation of all your gadgets. Plus, each device needs power – either from batteries or wired in directly.

What are the benefits of a professional smart home installation?

Hiring professionals offers numerous benefits. We ensure that all your devices are properly set up and connected to each other. Whether it’s installing a TV mount, setting up motion sensors, or ensuring the correct operation of your alarm system, we’ve got you covered.

What is the role of a network in a smart home setup?

A strong network system is crucial in operating smart home systems effectively. It allows all installed smart devices like thermostats and door locks to communicate with each other efficiently. This way, you’ll be able to control them remotely from anywhere using an app on your phone or through voice assistant commands without any hiccups along the way.

Our routers, network switches, and wireless access points are like super computers directing traffic between all of the smart home devices. You get lightning-fast-operation, amazing Wi-Fi coverage, and reliability. You will also get the best performance for office work, video conferencing, streaming, and gaming.

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